back from hiatus

I can’t believe it’s now 7 years since I was actively posting content. Why? I started as a Field Engineer at Microsoft and could not find the time nor energy to keep creating quality content. It’s now a year since I changed my role starting as an Architect designing the device journey with all that comes with it. With this role in mind my posts in the future will be different, the content will be wider than before, meaning I will create posts about the design journeys and the architectural view as well. But, as I am still me, and deep inside a geek who loves to tinker with things from A-Z the content will also reflect this.

In my daily life I’m now more or less in multiple platforms, using Windows, MacOS and Linux in my daily life. Some posts will be deep in a technology sense while others might offer you high level views on services I am working on in my daily life.

I will not commit to a schedule as this site still mostly notes on my personal ramblings and trying to answer questions I get in my daily life.

First up will be recreation of some of the former posts as I have lost my backups from my previous site in 2013. Some of them were extremely popular and I still haven’t found a good replacement for them.