A geek, I really enjoy new technology, mostly because there is always something new to learn. I used to work as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft specializing in Windows and Configuration Manager. The time spent there was a lot of fun. Now I work as a Modern Workspace Architect designing the workspace services. Less tech, more painting the future.

As everyone who’s in tech knows, it’s really hard to just leave the tinkering behind, so now I do that at home in my own personal projects and write about it here.

Tech ramblings of a geek

This page serves as my notes for things I find interesting. I used to be a very active blogger but these days time does not permit a lot of blogging so this page serves as a place I can organize notes and share the information if it ever would help someone else.

Word of warning though, sometimes it might contain my own opinions, and opinions are like as*es, everyone has one, so don’t get offended. Like, vi is > than Emacs :D

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The page is served with Hugo the static page generator and it’s hosted on GitHub pages. In 2020 the blog was moved from a Wordpress.com instance to here. As the content is quite static, and I don’t do any advertising on the page the free GitHub service is perfect.